April 12, 2024


One funny lady who did not have false eyelashes decided to ‘fake it till she makes it’, using strands of a hairpiece to create long lashes


The hun posted a video on TikTok as she cut the long strands and then proceeded to curve them upwards using mascara


Many social media peeps were left howling at the wacky clip, with some gobsmacked at the woman’s crazy creativity


One creative woman wanted to jazz up her look but didn’t have any false lashes to bring out the sparkle in her eyes.


The innovative lady then decided to use two strands from a hairpiece to create make-shift eyelashes, cutting them perfectly and curving the ‘lashes’ using mascara.


Posting the hilarious video online, TikTok user Mawa Souare had many people confused by her funny antics.


She even proceeded to model two bags in front of the camera to see which one best suited her look, LOL.




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