May 20, 2024


A Nigerian woman was seen in a viral video shedding tears upon discovering that she is pregnant, which has sparked a lot of attention online. She expressed concern about how to break the news to her mother. It’s natural for mothers to feel happy to see their daughters grow into motherhood and become grandmothers.


The most recent mother shared a pregnancy test result that came out positive. Overwhelmed with the thought of explaining this to her mother, she was captured crying bitterly in the video. The video had a text overlay that read, “How will I explain this to my mom?” The clip has since caused a stir online, with social media users rushing to the comment section to share their thoughts.

See The video below;


Some reactions are shown below:

Symply_cherish said, “when you dey lodge dey chop turkey inside AC , you call her ? ”.

AJIBOLA WEALTH said, “U Dey am when u Dey scream?”

user9064617491463 said, “Face your fear everything will be fine”.

jenniferbest8106 said, “when you dey do am..your mama dey there with you???”

Jennifer Darko said, “don’t worry baby girl just be strong”.

_Dugbakie  said, “Baby, it is going to be difficult, but just know your mom will understand no matter what. she is the right person to know, huny. God help you, huny”.

Kingwise97 said, “When it was sweeting you, did you tell your mom?”.

bjpcity7 said, “Why u dey shout go harder baby u tell mommy ?”

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