June 10, 2024


The name of a Nigerian suya joint captured in a viral video has generated hilarious reactions online.


In the short TikTok video shared on Sunday, November 6, by Jay Mobile, the owner of the joint identified his shop with a bold signpost almost the size of an average billboard.


Boldly written on the signpost is ‘University of Suya”, and it has a company logo which completes the corporate identity of the business.

University of Suya, faculty of meatology

Another interesting thing about the suya joint is that it is also called the ‘faculty of meatology.’


It is not known why the owner chose such interesting appellations for his suya shop, but many people found it very hilarious.


Posting the video, Jay Mobile jokingly said that he is going to enrol in the ‘university.’


He didn’t state the location of the joint but some people in the comment section said it is in Osogbo, while others said it is in Akure.


@jaymobile001 ASAPU 😂 #trends #xyzbca @authority @Saidat Taiwo @Anike @Awelewa💞💓 @boo @simone @rena62645 ♬ original sound – Jay Mobile


TikTok users react to the University of Suya

Many TikTokers who have seen the video took to the comment section to laugh out loud. A lot of them used emojis to illustrate how funny the name given to the Suya joint is. See some of what people are saying below:


@ladyfavo7 said:

“Nothing we no go see for Naija.”

@DH_Donny commented:

“Na futa be this na.”

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