April 12, 2024

highest paying engineering jobs

There are some basic key factors you need to consider in deciding which engineering field you want to get into. 

But one of the undeniable factors which everyone is concerned with is the pay. So, in this article, we’re going to be giving you the top ten highest engineering jobs based on their pay and growth potentials.

In order to find yourself in one of the paying jobs out there, you need to learn and grow your skills and it is essential you have some of the necessary credentials and also the right experiences.

To develop yourself, you need to know these areas so your development can be towards these high-income opportunities.

Engineering Jobs That Pays Well

Now, let’s begin to discuss the focus of engineering that pays the highest.

 #1Big data engineering 

In the past few years, many significant business opportunities have arisen with the increased demand for big data. There is no way people will come to terms with complex data unless it is restructured in a simple way that can easily be understood.

Big data focuses on letting you create hardware and system architecture that will allow others who understand to utilize it after interpreting. Big data is a big opportunity for engineers with an annual salary of about $155,500.

#2. Petroleum engineering 

Petroleum engineering is the field of engineering which focuses on the extraction of petroleum and natural gas from the earth. They use these materials to create clean energy effectively. 

In the past few years, petroleum engineering has been one of the highest-paying engineering jobs. This field has all it takes to grow faster in the next ten years than the average career. Petroleum engineers earn an average of about $132,280 annually.

#3. Computer hardware engineering 

Computer hardware engineering is a field that solves analytical problems with its knowledge of physics and mathematics. It is more technical than you think. It involves designing computer systems and developing some of its components like memory devices, processors, and circuit boards.

This is a field that you might want to venture into because it also has good pay. Engineers in this field earn an average of about $115,120 annually.

#4. Aerospace Engineering 

This may seem like one of the engineering fields many do not go into but trust me it’s an interesting field you will love. Aerospace engineering is what you call rocket science. What the engineers do is design and build spacecraft, missiles and satellites, and aircraft. 

As an aerospace engineer, you need to know sharp analytic and design skills and problem sensitivity. Their median pay as of a few years back was about $113,030.

#5. Nuclear engineering 

Nuclear engineering is all about researching, designing, and developing the tools and instruments used in nuclear energy. The responsibility of a Nuclear engineer will include the ability to safely direct the operations of nuclear energy facilities and it also involves a high degree of complexity.

It is one of the top highest paying engineering jobs because a few years ago at about the year 2017 their median pay was about $105,810. 

#6. System Engineering 

Have you ever seen a system engineer? They are those who manage the technical structure of a company. They do all the necessary maintenance in the software and hardware that is required for the forward movement of the company.

This is always an opportunity for those who want to have good communication skills and also an opportunity for those who can translate technical information to non-technical teams. This is a career part you will love to consider because it will give you an average salary of about $103,800 annually. 

#7. Chemical engineering 

Even if you don’t have details but try at least you have heard of Chemical engineering. This engineering uses hard science in the production of compounds that we can use easily in our everyday life as fuel, food, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

If you have a good background in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics you may want to create a career in Chemical engineering especially if you love to solve team problems.

You can earn very high Being a chemical engineer, annually you can make an estimate of about $102,160.

#8. Electrical engineering 

This is one of the most popular fields in engineering, this field involves varieties of industries, meaning an electric engineer can work in various industries. This involves developing electronic and electrical components such as radar, electric motors, or navigation systems.

They might also be involved in developing telecommunications and broadcasting systems. A few years back an electrical engineer could earn about $97,970 annually. So, do well to consider this field.

#9. Biomedical engineering 

Biomedical engineering is one interesting field of engineering you will like, it utilizes the principles of engineering to advance the course of medical science.

How do they achieve this? They achieve this by building or developing tools for a medical professional.

These tools are used to diagnose and treat patients. Let’s take a look at how students in the school of engineering faculty are causing waves in their respective fields. 

A graduate of biomedical engineering came out in the nation’s top 20 by the U.S.  News and World report. Case Western Reserve’s Department of Biomedical Engineering over the years has a reputation for excellence and mind-blowing innovations.

A biomedical engineer can expect to earn an average annual salary of $88,040

#10. Environmental engineering 

This is another well-paid engineering job. Environmental engineering is the use of engineering skills in working frequently in the engineering construction industry to develop solutions to solve environmental problems. In the course of solving this problem, they also use earth science, chemistry, and biology due to the nature of the work.

They can spend a lot of time on job sites, making this a great career track for some people who don’t like the idea of being tied down to a desk job. A few years back it was reported that an environmental engineer earns an average of about $86,800 annually.

Hope you now know the highest income paying engineering jobs, so share this article to help someone who needs this knowledge.

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