July 14, 2024

  • A fine baby girl sat patiently as an adult used make up to beautify her face in a viral TikTok video
  • Apart from the make up, the lady also fixed the child long eyelashes which made her to look like an adult
  • The video has gone viral and stirred mixed reactions among TikTok users who have seen how the baby looks in the make up

TikTok video shows a lady who applied make up on a little girl and made her to look like an adult.

In the video posted by @brittanymena0, it could also be seen that the lady equally fixed eyelashes on the little girl.


Amazingly, the child sat patiently without fretting when the lady applied the makeup on her face.

Little girl with eyelashes and full make up

Instead of crying or showing signs of distress, the child presented her face to be made up like an adult in the salon.

The result of the make up session was stunning as the girl looked more beautiful than ever.

Some people however saw it as wrong as they said it was improper to apply make up on such a little girl.

Others praised the little girl’s beauty and patience during the make up session. The video has since gone viral and got 53.7k likes.

Watch the video below:

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