April 21, 2024

A video of a newborn baby boy being given birth to has surfaced online and by extension got many people talking online.

The gestures of the newborn baby after his mother gives birth to him has sent many netizens into fits of laughter on social media


In the video making the rounds online, the newborn baby was seen in position where he was thinking os hard like an adult.


The gestures being displayed by the baby that has hardly used days on earth have got many people dishing out reactions.


The newborn baby maintained a very straight face putting his hand around his mouth and nose and that was just the beginning.


The same video equally captured the moment the newborn baby puts his hand around his cheek displaying the gesture of an old man thinking so hard.


The video of the newborn baby makes many claim that the baby is unhappy about being born in Nigeria out of all country in the world.


Watch the video below;



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