May 29, 2024


  • A video shows a couple who attended the same university and ended up getting married to each other
  • The video posted on Twitter shows the day the couple graduated from university and how they rejoiced
  • The video has sparked reactions as the couple has been declared the winner of the trending throwback challenge


A couple who attended the same university has pressed further as they have married each other.


In a video posted on Twitter by @yabaleftonline, the couple showed when they graduated from the university together.


The couple started their relationship in school. Photo credit: Twitter/@yabaleftonline.Source: Twitter

On that day, they were dressed in white polo shirts and blue jeans, as is the tradition when students graduate.

Couple gets married after graduating from the same school

They held each other happily, rejoicing as people signed on their white shirts to congratulate them.

The video progressed to show when they got married, further cementing their love.


Also, the video showed when the wife was pregnant and also the baby they welcomed.

Reactions have trailed the inspiring video as people say the couple won the throwback challenge.

Watch the video below:


Reactions from Twitter users

@rutie_xx said:

“Happy for them, but I can never date my classmate.”

@JojoDnc commented:

“You guys never said it was a challenge if not I for done win am.”

@Austeiin said:

“If only many really knew the deliberateness, hard work and consistency it took them to get where they are now. Nothing, absolutely nothing this good comes easy. So proud of them.”

@Mari_glamz commented:

“The most beautiful thing I’ve seen on the internet today. God bless their family.”

@HabeebahMore reacted:

“It takes a lot of hard work, and both parties are willing to be with each other no matter what to achieve this type of success. There were side attractions, fights, flaws and a lot more… but they chose each other over all of that. True love does exist.”

@femistico said:

“The girl really stuck with him through tough times, sha but no be girls of nowadays, sha.”

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