May 27, 2024

Martins Otse, better known by his online moniker Verydarkman, has stirred up a storm of speculation and excitement on social media as he celebrates his 30th birthday with what appears to be the acquisition of a Range Rover.


In a candid post shared on his Facebook page, the enigmatic online personality marked the milestone occasion with a reflective caption that hinted at the passage of time and mortality. “8-4-1994… damn turned 30 years old today, getting closer to the grave… aluta continua,” Verydarkman wrote, encapsulating the mix of humor and introspection that has become characteristic of his online presence.


Adding fuel to the frenzy, a separate post featuring a video purportedly shows Verydarkman behind the wheel of a sleek Range Rover, accompanied by unidentified individuals.



In the video, as the camera pans over the luxurious vehicle, a voice can be heard exclaiming, “Range Rover, you know.” The accompanying caption boldly claims that the Range Rover was purchased by Verydarkman to commemorate his birthday.


However, despite the apparent evidence presented in the video, Verydarkman has yet to officially confirm the acquisition of the multi-million naira luxury vehicle, leaving fans and followers eagerly awaiting his endorsement of the claim.


The clip depicting Verydarkman’s alleged birthday gift has sent shockwaves through social media, triggering a flurry of reactions and commentary from netizens.



From expressions of admiration and congratulations to speculation and skepticism, the online community has been abuzz with discussion about the controversial personality’s latest move.


Among the myriad reactions, one user, techbro, expressed caution, warning of the potential consequences of an accident involving such an expensive vehicle.


Conversely, others, like uwaifodestinyo and Urchmilli Empire, offered heartfelt birthday wishes and prayers for continued success and prosperity.


Meanwhile, some commentators, such as J.boy and Antonio Perrez, eagerly anticipate further confirmation from Verydarkman himself, while others, like Aramide and Busybrain Interiors, speculate on the origins and implications of the luxury car.

Watch the video;




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