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There is no profit in ‘ny@sh’,I will never DM ladies with big ny@sh”- Comedian Sabinus

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Meet Sabinus, the renowned Nigerian skit maker and comedian, whose real name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu.

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He recently issued a strong warning to girls attempting to catch his attention by uploading revealing photos.


No Response to Revealing Photos: Sabinus firmly stated that regardless of how suggestive or explicit the photos may be, he has no intention of responding to such advances. He made it clear that their efforts to get him to slide into their DMs would be in vain.


Focused on Land Investment: Sabinus revealed his primary goal is to save money to acquire land. He emphasized his commitment to making wise financial decisions for his future, even if he can only afford half a plot. His determination to invest in tangible assets like land stems from his belief in greater returns and stability in the long run.


Value of Tangible Assets: According to the comedian, chasing after a woman’s physical appearance, particularly her derriere, holds no value or profit for him. Instead, he advocates for investing in assets like land, which can provide a solid foundation for financial growth and stability.


Sabinus, the popular Nigerian skit maker and comedian, has made it clear that he will not be swayed by revealing photos from girls seeking his attention. His focus on saving money for land investment reflects his commitment to making wise financial decisions for his future.


He firmly believes in the value of tangible assets over engaging in frivolous pursuits, advocating for greater returns and stability in the long run.



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