May 20, 2024

  • A Nigerian lady has said whether the devil likes it or not, she must find her own man who is suitable for her
  • In a video posted by @ninacharles8, the lady showed how she walked into a church, vowing to find a man
  • The video sparked reactions among her followers on TikTok after she posted it, and it went viral on the platform 


A young, beautiful, but single lady hellbent on finding love has stormed a church in search of a suitor.

In a video posted by @ninacharles8, the lady filmed herself as she was walking into a church.


She said she hoped to find a man suitable for her in the church, vowing that nothing would stop her.

Video emerges as lady storms church to look for suitor


According to her, she must get a man for herself in the church, even if it means doing it by force.

She walked towards the church with a lot of determination as she explained her mission to her followers in a loud voice.


The lady said the kingdom of God suffered violence, and only the violent took it by force, so she planned to take her man by force.

The hilarious video has sparked funny reactions from her followers.


Watch the video below: 

@ninacharles8 Todays service is for me #catchman #fisherofmenjbe #ineedamam #ineedman #odogwujicash #stopdraggingpeopledowm #ninaclassic8 #ninaclassic1 #ninaclassic #duet #relationshipinchurch #churchmarriage #RCCG ♬ original sound – Nina Charles

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