July 14, 2024

The Guinness World Record in a latest post via its official Twitter handle made it known to all and sundry that records can be broken anytime.

This reaction from the Guinness World Record comes today, November 7th 2023 after the longest cooking marathon record held by Nigerian chef Hilda Baci was broken by an Irish chef.


The Irish chef identified as Alan Fisher claimed the longest cooking marathon by single individual after clocking in a time of 119 hours 57 minutes.


That is more than 24 hours longer than the previous record held by Nigerian chef Hilda Baci.


Recall on June 13th 2023, Intel Region reported that Guinness World Record awarded Hilda Baci for the world longest cooking Marathon by an individual with a time of 93 hours 11 minutes.


See the post by the Guinness World Record below;


While many Nigerians found the word “dethrones” used by the Guinness World Record on Hilda Baci as a way of trolling the Chef after her record was broken, a Nigerian X user who is curious asked the Guinness World Records about the rule of not applying for a year.


@unotimmy tweeted; “What about the rules of not applying until after a year?”


Responding, Guinness World Record says the information was absolutely nothing but a rumour as records can be broken anytime.


See the exchange below;

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