February 23, 2024

Popular Nollywood actor Charles Okocha has generated reactions online with a video showcasing the lively way he woke up his son on Christmas day.


In the video posted on his official Instagram page on December 25th, 2023, Charles Okocha expressed surprise that his son was still asleep on Christmas morning. Taking matters into his own hands, he playfully and forcefully woke his son from the bed, with the little boy obediently responding to his dad’s cheerful antics.



The video captures Charles Okocha grabbing his son and bringing him closer as they navigate the staircase in their house. To add to the festive atmosphere, Charles begins singing a joyful tune for his son, expressing his love and excitement for Christmas.


The heartwarming video concludes with Sean Okocha, Charles’ son, laughing and smiling in response to his father’s festive gesture. The post has garnered attention for its celebratory and affectionate father-son interaction.



Captioning the video, Charles Okocha wrote; “Merry Christmas from me and mah Phenomenal son @yungshiine.”


Watch the video below;


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