April 17, 2024


  • A video shows a curvy lady dressed tight shorts while hawking smoked fish inside a crowded market
  • In the video posted @empressveegh1, a lot of people gathered and watched with amazement as the lady shook her waist
  • She was dressed in a black tight and the way she walked with the fish on her head has sparked reactions


A curvy lady who went to the market to sell smoked fish has gone viral as her video emerged on TikTok.


In the video posted by @empressveegh1, the lady was dressed in a tight short that brought out her full shape.


Video shows curvy lady selling smoked fish

When she carried the basin, it was like she was more interested in showing off her beautiful body than the fish on her head.

A lot of people in the market left what they were doing and watched with their mouths wide opened as the lady walked past.


She shook her waist with confidence as she walked into the market, not minding that people were watching.


The video has sparked reactions on TikTok after she posted it for her fans to see. It is not clear if the video is a skit or if the lady was just acting.


Watch the video below:

@empressveegh1 ##empressveegh1 .Time for everything @Selina Amoakoa ♬ original sound – Empressveegh


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