July 14, 2024

Young movie star Ifedi Sharon has set the internet ablaze with her explosive revelations about the deep-seated daddy issues she has wrestled with since her early years.


Wetindeypaa TV reports that,

Nollywood sensation Ifedi Sharon recently delivered an emotional and gripping account of the severe mistreatment she allegedly suffered at the hands of her father, Mr. Ifedi.


She took to her official TikTok account and unleashed a barrage of images adorned with messages detailing every single thing her dad put her through while growing up.


Sharon unleashed an extensive tirade, asserting that before her father accuses her of selfishness, he should acknowledge his own jealousy towards her, his lack of support for her acting aspirations, and his minimal efforts driven solely by his selfish interests.


She urged him to confess his disdain for her mother’s unwavering support and his belief that her birth catalyzed their family’s troubles.


The 20-year-old actress recounted a harrowing incident of physical abuse, where he struck her until she lost consciousness, callously leaving her to fend for herself.


Sharon lamented his attempts to hinder her education for obscure reasons, his refusal to contribute to her schooling expenses, and his incessant comparisons of her to the less fortunate.


Hinting at the possibility of divulging further revelations, Sharon left her followers anticipating more.


She wrote;


“Before you say how selfish a daughter I am


Tell them how you were jealous of me


Tell them how you didn’t support me in my career, and did the little you did for your selfish interest


Tell them how you hated my mum for always staying by my side


Tell them how you said since I was born that was when problem started.


Tell them how you hit me and I fainted, and you didn’t care how I was doing and left me there to die


Tell them how you tried to stop me from schooling for reasons I don’t know.


Tell them how you never paid for any of my school fees


Tell them how always you compared us to the poor”…..


Based on wetindeypaa ,Her emotional revelation ignited a wildfire of reactions online, with fans flooding her comment section to offer words of comfort and support.





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