May 28, 2024


  • A thrilling video showed the moment a lady reunited with her husband who just relocated to United Kingdom
  • In the viral video, the lady could not contain her joy as she ran to excitedly hug her husband who she had obviously missed
  • The husband also expressed happiness visibly as he made his way out of the UK airport where he was picked by his wife


It was a heartwarming moment when the wife of a man who had been living in the United Kingdom for many years was finally reunited with him.

They had been apart for so many years, however, when they finally saw each other again, they were both filled with joy and happiness.

Couples hug excitedly

The wife could not believe that she was finally able to hold her husband in her arms again and the husband was equally happy to be reunited with his wife after all these years.

Social media users who hoped to some day fly to the UK for greener pastures appreciated the moment too.


The video has been generating a lot of reaction and it has so far gathered over 10,000 likes with more than 300 comments on TikTok.

Watch the video below:

@abeeniade1Welcome to UK

♬ original sound – @fowo_vicky


We compiled some of the reactions below:

@babyjay reacted:

The guys was like,now that I am here am not going back to Nigeria,he done see shege promax.”

@oylndamola said:

My husband and I passport shall be useful also this year by God’s grace, amen.”

@hamzatLA also said:

“Journey don start. Congratulations, I claim it this year.”

@omobolajladiJat37 commented:

” I am so happy for him.”

@talshat17 also commented:

It is just too funny how we Africans congratulates our self wen we leave our own home fr another man’s land…e no go beta for all African.”

@akinwale3636 added:

Congratulations, lord please don’t forget me.”

@Nobleconsortjane also reacted:

I tap into this oh! lord.”

@dunmlninu123 also added:

“I tap into this,,God please don’t forget me and my daughter.”

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