May 23, 2024


  • A newborn baby boy who has an old face has gone viral after a video of him was posted on TikTok
  • In the video, the child cried very hard when he was given an injection at the hospital, and people noticed his mature face
  • At the moment, the video has received over 9.8 million views and 130,000 likes, as well as 11,000 comments


9.8 million people have viewed the video of a newborn baby who is said to have come out with a mature face.

Some people who saw the child’s face and how mature he looks are arguing that a TikTok filter was used to change his face.



In the video, it appears the baby was taken to the hospital for a check-up, and he was given an injection.


Video of a baby boy receiving an injection goes viral

When the medical official injected the baby in his right arm, he cried briefly and stopped.


When he started crying, his face looked more mature, and people on TikTok have not overlooked that.


A caption on the video said the child has an ‘older’ face, but people are doubting that his mature look is natural. The video was posted by @nguyeonsp7h.

Watch the video below:

@nguyeonsp7h He has an older face, god bless you😭🙏🙏. #disability #disabled #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ ♬ Sad Emotional Piano – DS Productions


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