April 21, 2024

Controversial US based Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi in a latest post shared a video about her hilarious encounter with a roadside Aboki vendor she decided to create content with.

In the Instagram video, Korra wears a slim-fit blue gown alongside a high-heel shoe. She initially walked past the vendor’s stand, repeated the act but this time tried to run away with a bunch of bananas.

The quick-thinking lad promptly seized her, and they soon found themselves entangled in an impromptu dance.

In the course of their dance, Korra Obidi displayed her erotic dance moves and by extension the aboki man loses it.

The aboki man left many social media in an awe state as he softly touched Korra Obidi backside while dancing and Korra Obi had to step away from him.

Sharing the video, Korra Obi wrote; “The street e cold like kunu 🥶

Small content this one wan touch nyash 😂

Wait for it…

Watch the video below;

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