April 14, 2024


A woman cut short her husband’s entertainment at an event when she saw that another lady was feeling too free with him.

The young lady was dancing seductively close to the married man and she could be seen whining waist for him.



Though the man seemed uncomfortable as she was doing that, his wife who spotted them from her seat, stood up and interrupted the dance session.


She moved closer to the two of them and grabbed her husband’s hand to take him away from there. As soon as the man and young lady saw his wife, they both stopped with people.


Watch the video below:


Meanwhile, a Nigerian groom disrupted his wedding ceremony after learning on the D-day that his wife-to-be is a mother of four.


The man was said to have been informed during the exchange of vows that his bride already had four children which she never told him about.


In a video making the rounds online, the man who was visibly angry stormed out of the church and his bride followed closely behind him.

On reaching outside, his bride wailed on the floor and followed him around in a bid to prevent him from humiliating her on her wedding day.


But the groom could be seen explaining the situation to some people, though they kept begging him to forgive her.


The lady who continued crying uncontrollably, could be heard yelling, “I’m finished oh”.


A crowd of bystanders joined the bridesmaids as they tried to lift the bride up from the ground and appealed to her to stop crying.


“Four years, and she just dey tell me! she just dey tell me, she said she has four kids. She’s just telling me!”, the groom said.

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