July 14, 2024

  • A trending video shared on TikTok shows a pregnant woman attempting to run with her huge baby bump
  • In the video posted on her official account, the woman held her dress firmly and tried to run but her efforts proved futile
  • Social media users have shared their thoughts about the video with many advising her to calm down

A beautiful pregnant woman tried to showcase her racing skills after she was dared by a friend.

The clip shared by @miraudo showed the lady’s friend daring her to run on the road with her huge baby bump.


“You go fit run? You no fit run. Run na”, the lady repeated.

Taking up the challenge, the expectant mother held her dress and attempted to run but she was unable to do so.

Social media reactions

@adamma said:

“Pregnancy go be her like there’s something in her legs. Baby no go gree.”

@simplyjey4 said:

“I can’t run, I can’t run, until electric spark under my head.”

@mummyd853 commented:

“My own hold my legs I can’t even move it sometimes. You try sef dey move but pregnancy is a sweet and painful experience.”

@graceobasi1 commented:

“Kai my sister shey no be you be Usain bolt’s coach like this?”

@user869485604 said:

“Me dey run pass her but for 10 sec and I must drink something cold at the end cos 200kilomtre race I run for 10sec so.”

@prettyfavour53 stated:

“Shey tear na death sentence? Me wey no chop them still tear me Wetin no good.”

@amara2051 added:

“You Dey even carry leg up sef. I no fit waka well not to talk of run.”

Watch the video below:

@miraudo Replying to @Sharonbeauty ♬ You Dey Whine Me – Austine De Bull

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