February 23, 2024

Chioma, the young lady who was gifted $5,000 (N5M) by the Afrobeat sensation Davido, sparked discussions when she revealed the unconventional location where she stores the money, opting for something other than a traditional bank.


A few days ago, the attendee at the concert garnered the notice of the Grammy nominee, who extended an invitation to the stage and presented a generous sum of $5,000 (N5M) roughly equivalent to almost five million naira.


A video circulating on social media captured the recipient, named Chioma after the singer’s wife, amusingly retrieving money from her pants.


Among her friends, Chioma unveiled the cash wrapped in nylon, eliciting laughter from the onlookers who found her theatrics quite entertaining.


The footage has triggered a flurry of responses on social media, with many expressing apprehension about the security of the $5,000 in cash.




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