July 14, 2024


  • A hilarious video of a young girl dancing at a birthday party has caught the attention of many online
  • The young girl was in a dancing competition with other kids at the birthday party but she stole the entire show
  • The MC had ordered the DJ to play a particular genre of music for the kids to show off their skills


Children always put all their energy into tasks to make sure it turns out to be great performance. For the kid dancers, it doesn’t matter who’s watching, they would dance their hearts out to impress the audience.

It was the first birthday party of a little girl named Ameerah and other kids were in attendance to join in the celebration.


They were adorning birthday cone hats and the place was decorated with colours and balloons.

The Master of ceremonies (MC) was wearing a knockoff clown costume and asked some kids to come to the middle of the party ground.


A little girl who killed the dance floor was recorded by her aunt at the party. She started slowly and just fired away. She showcased some popular Afrobeat dance styles.

The little girl was so fast and one might think the video was on a fast mode. Her dance was full of vigour and vibes.


Her aunt identified as @kisaie_4560 shared the video on TikTok with the caption:

“How my niece disgrace my 20 years old self by dancing in a way I can’t in a party. I laughed so much on this day. Dara won’t cease to amaze me. It is how she went back to her gentle self after dancing for me.”


@kissie_4560 I laughed so much on this day 😂 dara won’t cease to amaze me 😂 it’s how she went back to her gentle self after dancing for me 😂 #fyp #kidsoftiktok #dancingqueen #dancingkid #funnyvideo ♬ original sound – ÒrEnTé___🌸🦋💗💖

Social media reactions

@Purebeautyline said:

“She wanted to do all the dance step she knows at once.”

@Bolvic_Drake wrote:

“She really tried fr…it would have been better if she was slower wit it though, but she ate regardless e no easy lol.”

@VioletPuff commented:

“My eyes couldn’t keep up.”

@Future billionaire said:

“I will leave her there she has found her new house.”

@prettymercy202 said:

“omo I laugh so tey water commot for my eyes.”


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