June 10, 2024


  • A woman who is blessed with extremely thick natural hair has posted a video on TikTok to show it off
  • In the video, the woman was sighted combing her hair and swinging her head right, left and center
  • As of the evening of Tuesday, April 18, the short video has been viewed more than 330k times on TikTok alone


Hair lovers on TikTok are reacting to the video of a woman who is endowed with thick natural hair.

In a 15 seconds video seen on the TikTok handle of @naomiezola1, the woman was seen proudly combing her long hair.


The woman is blessed with thick natural hair. Photo credit: TikTok/@naomiezola1.Source: TikTok

As she groomed the hair, she constantly swung her head from one side to the other in a bid to control it.

Woman’s natural hair makes her popular on TikTok

The woman must have been a very beautiful woman in her youthful days because even having advanced in age, TikTok users still noticed her cuteness.

Her hair is so long and thick that a lot of young people who have sighted the video confessed their admiration for the woman.

Some said they wished their hair is as long as the woman’s own. The video has so far received more than 30k like clicks from her fans on TikTok.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions from TikTok users

@sp26 said:

“I was expecting a young girl…wow….beautiful hair!!!!”

@Nanette said:

“My grandma had beautiful hair like that until them envious people destroyed it.”

@Jonasgladys commented:

“But what is this ultra-natural beauty.”

@Mide | Content Creator said:

“Omg can you ask her what she uses? Her hair is beautiful.”

@Blessing Lulami commented:

“It shows she was a bomb when she was young.”

@MagicStrawberry said:

“Beautiful hair and she’s so beautiful.”

@Dídíęr Míllã commented:

“Show us her picture when she was young, please.”

@Maria Lópe said:

“Even hairline is still intact.”

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