July 15, 2024

Famous Instagram influencer Papaya Ex has got many people talking online about the way she loses it all after getting to see American singer and rapper Lil Baby for the first time.


The rate at which fans get overzealous after seeing their favorite performs on stage has been a trending conversation online these days, the video of IG influencer Papaya Ex with Lil Baby is a perfect example.


In the video spotted on the official Instagram page of the influencer, Papaya Ex loses her home training after getting into close contact with Lil Baby at the rapper’s show in Dubai.



Papaya Ex who is in the front row manages to get the attention of Lil Baby as she struggles to touch his trouser.


Reacting, Lil Baby decided to show Papaya Ex some love as he shakes hands with the influencer.


Papaya Ex added that Lil Baby is so fresh and by extension declared herself as the singer new girlfriend.


She wrote; “Safe to say @lilbaby is in love with my delulu self 🥹❤️ I’m never washing my hand😭😭. Man’s too fresh damnnnn my ovaries 🫢, I feel like I need to wear gloves till forever so nobody touches my hand😩 @lilbaby I’m your new girlfriend, okay ? Yes🥺❤️ my snap acc: Extremelyfine Add up.”


Watch the video below;


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