April 21, 2024

Joseph Aloba, father of late singer Mohbad, seemed to have moved on for good months after he lost his singer son.


It was reported that Mohbad had died in his prime at 27. A lot of controversy came up after his demise. Some people were arrested in connection to his death.


In the video sighted online, Aloba was busy rapping to his new song ‘Omoaje’. He was busy showing off some dance steps as he sang cheerfully to the music.


In the viral recording, Aloba featured his late son Mohbad in his new music. He was assisted by a young man who was also dancing and backing him up.

A feeling of happiness and contentment was written over his face as he sang joyfully in the video.


This came a few months after he refused to allow his late son to be buried. According to him, he wants an autopsy done. He begged for money to get it done.


He also insisted that the wife of his late son must do a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of his grandchild.

Watch the video below:

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