April 19, 2024

Renowned Nigerian Chef queen caused massive stir across the web as a snippet from her recent Instagram live session raises eyebrows and rattles the online community.

During her live session, Hilda laid it all on the line, sharing her relentless crusade against online scammers who have been impersonating her and using her brand to perpetrate heinous misdeeds.


The Celebrity chef, in live video, reteirated that she doesn’t have nor run an active Facebook account.



Hilda disclosed that the last time she ventured into Facebook waters was back when she was in her secondary school days.


The content creator issued a word of caution to her devoted fans and followers, advising them to steer clear of any Facebook page under the name Hilda Baci.


The 27-year-old expressed her exasperation, stating she’s pulled out all the stops to put the brakes on these impostors, and she made a heartfelt plea to the public to lend a helping hand by flagging any Facebook page impersonating her and her brand.


This is coming several weeks after Hilda Baci’s management took the reins to tackle a controversial and widely circulated interview. In this purported interview, it was suggested that Baci had broached the topic of her virginity..


Speculations had run rampant on social media, hinting at an interview where she supposedly discussed her “commitment to maintaining her virginity, despite being in a five-year relationship”


Social media users thronged to their pages to vent their opinions about this supposed interview, with a significant number expressing sheer amazement.


However, in a recent tête-à-tête with TheCable Lifestyle, Baci’s management categorically denied the existence of the alleged and widely spread interview, stating that she had never engaged in such a conversation.

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