May 27, 2024

Nigerian music superstar, D’banj has caused a huge stir on social media following his recent performance with a female fan on stage.

D’Banj was performing his evergreen hit song ‘Give it to me’ at the concert when a fan with a big derriere joined him on stage to dance with him.

In a video making rounds online, the fan can be seen dancing seductively and throwing herself at the married musician, who reciprocated some of her advances.

At some point, the lady attempted to unbuckle his belt and pull down his trouser to seemingly expose his manhood but he stopped her before she could do so.

She, however, continued shaking her bum and whining her waist on the stage floor, while the singer continued his performance. Meanwhile, it is not clear where and when the incident took place.

The video has since generated a lot of reactions on social media, with many people condemning the woman’s actions and others questioning the appropriateness of D’banj’s response to the situation, considering his marital status.


@that_afemai_chic wrote, “This is disgusting to watch he’s got a wife respect that now”

@ritamarkwe wrote, “Was this planned?? What’s wrong with the girl ? Why didn’t he send her away? Why was he encouraging such behavior? I have so many questions. Na wa o”

@mb.annie wrote, “Can they just throw her off stage cos what is this? Desperate much”

@everlynwhyte wrote, “She get luck say no be Burna …touching him that way doh”

@itz_favzzy wrote, “Maybe she’s high on something.. Godforbid ”

Click the link below to watch video


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