April 14, 2024

Budding Afrobeats singer, Asake, born Ahmed Oloade, has revealed that he was a dancer before poverty made him consider a career in music.


The ‘Peace Be Unto You’ crooner made this known during a recent interview with ABC News, as he explained that he couldn’t make enough money from dancing.

Asake also said his father gave him an early exposure to music using classicals, which made him develop an interest in singing and enabled him to hone his talent.

The 24-year-old musician said he never wanted to be a singer at first, because his passion was in dancing, however, he had to combine both in order to start making money.


He said; “My parents used to play me a lot of classical Songs. They love listening to songs. The kind of father I have is the one that will wake up in the morning and have one cigarette then loud music.

“At the end of the day, I feel like I can actually sing. Then I added music to it. Maybe because I know how to dance then I know how to bounce on music. I actually don’t want to be a musician in the first place. I just wanted to dance. It feels like water. I love everything that comes with dancing.


“But at the end of the day, after dancing I fell in love with having money too. Then I started thinking about it, is dance going to give me the kind of money I want?”


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