July 19, 2024

A Nigerian man garnered attention on social media by eating a full plate of okra soup with bread, a rather unusual delicacy.


In the video, the man, dressed in white, focused intently, slicing a large loaf of bread in two equal parts.


He then used a spoon to heap a substantial amount of okra soup onto the bread’s center. Without hesitation, he pressed the bread together and swiftly took a bite.


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His unconventional meal sparked a buzz on social media, provoking varied and unexpected reactions from many.


@Doc_SweetSucces: “I will not eat a combo that will cause turbulence in my gastrointestinal system.”


@Marleyjr007: “Na here we go dey form other part of the world have crazy food mixture you can’t imagine, they even fry okro.”


@RefugeeonEarth1: “Imagine traveling in an A.C bus with this komodo dragon and he fart. Jesus.”


@ojhayford: “God will judge anybody that will eat this thing.”


@belikebaddy: “This is the kind of combo they would eat and their lives would be drawing back but they won’t realize where the problem is from.”


@Adesany48026178: “Wetin all this people no dey make sense. They would soon spoil all our cherished delicacies for us.”


@Emmyifeoluwa13: “The best combo to have ever been created. If you haven’t eaten this you are missing alot.”




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