June 10, 2024


A video has been going viral on the internet lately. It captures a beautiful white lady who seems to be from the middle eastern part of the world.

From her appearance, one can easily tell that she follows the Muslim faith. In the video, she can be seen participating in a popular TikTok challenge, dancing along with excitement.


The lady, who has a chubby figure, is wearing a white gown with her hair covered with white headgear.


She vigorously moves her large backside in sync with the music while singing along to a song. Her performance brought joy to her fans.


The video has sparked various reactions on the internet. Some people admire her beauty and dancing skills, appreciating her effort to entertain others.


However, others criticize her for taking part in the challenge and showing off on the internet. They argue that such behavior goes against the principles of Islam.


Watch the video below;



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