May 20, 2024


A barber took his craft to another level when he used mathematical tools to calculate a customer’s hair

 The customer is seen to be bald in some parts of his head, and the barber aimed to fix it with artificial hair

When the barber finished the work, he posted the video on TikTok, and it impressed so many people.


A skilled barber has earned numerous accolades on TikTok because of the work he did on a customer’s hair.


The barber used his TikTok handle, @geometric_barber and shared how he transformed the look of a bald customer.


The 33 seconds video shows that the customer is bald and has no hair from the middle of his head to the frontal parts.

Video shows when bald man gets his hair fixed The bald spaces therefore needed to be patched with artificial hair and this was where the barber’s skills came into play.


He first measured the angles on the customer’s head using geometric tools like a pair of compasses and a ruler.


When he was done measuring, he drew the lines of what he wanted and then applied gum.


The other thing he did was to fix the artificial hair and cut it to the desired shape.


The outcome of the entire process left many TikTok users in awe as they took to the comment section to praise the barber.


In the end, the customer looked more dashing as compared to when he arrived at the salon.


Watch the video below:


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