July 14, 2024

Nigerian actress, Monalisa Stephen has revealed what she goes through almost every day of her life because she is a fat person.


During an interview with media personality Kehinde Ajose, she made it known that people have bullied her almost every day of her life because of her body.


In a video that was posted by the media personality Kehinde Ajose, Monalisa also disclosed that she has become more mature and that she will not allow the words of strangers to affect her anymore.


In her statement, she said, “I have been in this space for almost a decade. People have bullied me almost every day of my life because of my body.


I will never let the words of strangers get to me because they are not family members and they are not directly related to me.


“It was really bad that I once considered suicide, the beauty standards that people keep setting are really affecting us a lot. For a 19-year-old to be considering surgery, I don’t think we are heading somewhere nice.”




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