July 19, 2024

In a recent revelation, popular Nollywood actress Doris, who is an amputee, shared insights into her personal life, disclosing that some white men pay her for being an amputee.

Doris disclosed that despite her amputation, she has been involved in romantic relationships. However, she expressed disappointment upon discovering that some men dated her out of pity.

In a particularly upsetting incident, she found that a man she was seeing had saved her name as “one leg girl” in his phone, a name that deeply hurt her.

Doris also discussed her dating life, highlighting interactions with white men attracted to amputees, referred to as ‘devotees.’

She shared that some of these men request videos of her amputated leg, offering payment in dollars for such content.

The actress further revealed the heightened sensitivity of her amputated leg, explaining that it significantly enhances her physical sensations.

Watch The Video Below;


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