May 28, 2024

Popular dancer and singer, Korra Obidi recently got cautioned during one of her routine live videos due to her outfit and she responded accordingly.

The mother of two had appeared on live wearing a swimsuit meanwhile she was in her house and not in a swimming pool.

Korra Obidi went on to converse with her fans for some minutes while eating a delicacy she just prepared.

However, in the course of the live session, a social media user faulted her courtesy of the outfit she wore. The user stated that she loves her so much but questioned Korra’s African values which caused Korra Obidi to speak.


Responding, Korra Obidi claimed that right from time, Africans aren’t known for wearing clothes. According to her, when her grandmother visited their house in Lagos, Nigeria, she only wore a small piece of wrapper that covered her breast and the lower region only.

Korra Obidi went on assert that wearing clothes and suiting up from head to toe is an idea introduced to Africans by white men and this is what’s affecting most people tackling and criticizing what she chooses to wear.


The US-based singer further stated that she’s in her home and therefore has the ultimate privilege to dress however she likes.

In the course of this, another user asked if she would be pleased to see her children dress like her.

In annoyance, Korra Obidi speedily blocked the user adding that her children will have the right to dress however they want to dress and she would have no power over them in that aspect.

She claimed that she would even be honoured if they later choose to start dressing like her.

Watch her speak below:

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