April 21, 2024

A humorous video of a Nigerian man playing bet on a hospital bed while receiving oxygen has gone viral online.


Although the video was inaudible with music playing in the background, the man could be seen sternly gazed at his phone, staking games while on oxygen in the hospital.

While some netizens asserted that it has become and addiction for him, others noted that hospital bills is needed to be paid.

Check out some reactions below

OmoAuntyNurse said: “It’s now an addiction 😭😭😂

YEMMYCOCO wrote: “Lmaoooo throw the whole country away … is he being serious right now ?? Well Oxygen na per day payment e Dey look for next payment 😂😂😂

sammy asked: “Make he no find way to pay bill”

Breezy stated: “They say “when there is life there is hope”. At least oxygen still dey😭

E!M said: “Him get hope say e go boom 💥  one day…🤣 As long as he’s breathing, he’s hopefully. That’s the naija spirit 🙌

OMA IYA ELERO noted: “No excuse for failure!”



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