June 10, 2024

Nigerian Actress, Destiny Etiko, has warned famous Nigerian prankster, Chibuike Gabriel aka Untouchable, to take down a prank video of her circulating the internet, from his platforms.


WITHIN NIGERIA earlier reported that Untouchable pranked Etiko by planting a supposedly dead human inside her car booth, causing her to scream in fear and expressing anger for toying with her emotions.


Untouchable, in a bid to seek her forgiveness, pulled another prank by deceiving her with a car gift.

With the videos still making waves online, Destiny, via Facebook, on  June 7, angrily ordered Untouchable to remove the clips from his pages because he refused to compensate her.


Destiny issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the prankster to delete the videos or pay for damages. She threatened fire and brimstone if he fails to comply.



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