June 13, 2024

  • A man caused quite a commotion on social media owing to the giant fish he is believed to have caught
  • He became the cynosure of all eyes as he walked courageously with the massive aquatic animal on his shoulders
  • Many people who watched the clip thought the fish may be worth a fortune, some argued that it looks like a shark



A man has become a viral sensation owing to the massive aquatic animal he caught at sea.

In a TikTok clip that has amassed over two million views, the lucky man walked with the massive fish on his shoulders.


People watched curiously as he walked past them like a victor from the war front. He got to a point and dropped the giant fish on the ground.

Its length left netizens stunned. People wondered how the catch was made, with some persons arguing that it must be an expensive fish.

Watch the video below:


@lorenwyy #sad #poor #FastTwitchContest #GenshinImpact34 #loveyouso ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show


Social media reactions

@Kate Kwamboka said:

“This is the fish which shallow uncle Jonah.”

@sherriereal said:

“That fish is about 1000 years old.”

@Curious about world said:

“Fin cut off ? Probably shark fin harvestirs who threw it back after cutting the fins?”

@Daniel_Karahukaho said:

“Why do I feel like this might be a shark with its fins cut off.”

@Mya2004 said:

“Feed the whole village & still left over!”

@adinde_victor said:

“Until u discover is been for one million dollars and u don use am for pepper soup.”

@kojotakeiteasy said:

“This video reminds me of a literature book “old man and the sea.”

@CJ Bama Guy said:

“When you get the boys together, we already know where that funny smell is coming from.”

@Kitts Rashy said:

“Poor men they have energy on this planet Earth but thanks for working dear.”

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