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“Na packaging be this”: Hardworking man sells pure water like jollof rice from cooler, shocks people

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  • A Nigerian man has caught many people’s attention with the way he strategically went about his pure water business
  • Dressed like a food seller, the smart man had the cooler carrying his pure water tied in a wheelbarrow
  • Many TikTokers who watched his video said that they thought he was going to dish out a plate of rice


A young man, @victorlabi, has shared a video of a hardworking old man who is very passionate about his cold pure water hawking business.

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In the clip that has gone viral, the ma who had an apron tiled on his chest opened a cooler and used a spoon to serve two pieces of cold pure water into a plate.



Many people who watched his video said that they thought he was going to dish out jollof rice. They were wowed by his professionalism and how made sure not to have hand contact with the water he sold to his customers.


He even had a cloth tied over his head to prevent speckles of hair from falling on the sachet water or into the cooler.

Watch the video below:

@victorlabi 😅😅 niger 😅😂 #fyp #trending #victorlabi @KraksTV ♬ Ak Islkm Rbbi Aslam – Laarbi Ihihi

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 80 comments with more than 1,500 likes.

We compiled some of the reactions below:

Cynthia Egbo said:

“Omo see packaging, I’ll patronize this guy over anyone else. So neat!!”

Mitchelle said:

“I was hoping to see rice.”

user6464459630981 said:

“Confusing his village people, their see finish don too much for the man so he is using his number 6.”

Hannah said:

“So hygienic.”

Shemmy said:

“Me waiting for rice and beans.”

YuppieLEE11 said:

“He does not want to contaminate the water.”

AJOKE said:

“Don’t let them know your next movement.”

Jully Ada said:

“If u can’t sell food sell water, strategy is the best in business.”

myslay.plug said:

“God bless him, I will dash him money.”

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