February 23, 2024

After the supervisor caught her engaging in the act, she was brought forward and asked to kneel before the whole class.

Fully aware of the consequences her actions would have on her education, she began to cry loudly, while pleading with the supervisor.

As the clip came to an end, the supervisor signaled her to stand up, causing the lady to cease crying and put herself together.

Many internet users were concerned with the fellow behind the camera, according to them, the student should not be with his phone since an exam is ongoing.


See some comments below,

@jessy_de_gwinne_:  Y’all should also catch the person making videos in the exam hall

@jaytee_yna:  Which student recorded the video? 😂

@obaksolo:  Her ancestors have warned her before the Exam but she didn’t listen😂

@amara_shuga:  Make she no cry too much, I have seen people with low grade go far in life pass people way get high grades, 😂 make she no too cry

@queenofdsun:  Naso dem dey do whenever dem cheat 😂😂 dem go dey blame devil😂

Watch the video below,


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