May 20, 2024


  • A joyous Nigerian lady has posted photos of her five goats that have just given birth all at the same time
  • The lady has happily declared that the year 2023 is her year because of the quantum of blessings she got through the goats
  • One of the goats gave birth to quintuplets, another gave birth to triplets, the third gave birth to twins, while the other two gave birth to one each


A Nigerian lady is currently rejoicing because all her five goats have given birth at the same time.

The joyful lady named Angula Felicia Desire posted photos of the goats on Facebook and declared that this year is her year.


According to her, the five goats gave birth to 11 children, and she has described it as a huge blessing.

Nigerian lady celebrates as her goats welcome plenty babies

A breakdown of the birth shows that one of the goats welcomed four kids, and another welcomed three.


Also, one of the goats delivered twins, while the remaining two gave birth to one each.

We spoke to Felicia, and she sounded very elated. She said:

“Five of my female goats gave birth at the same time. One gave birth to four. The other one delivered three. And the third delivered two. The remaining two delivered one each. Because this is their first time giving birth.”

She took to her Facebook page to share the cheering news.




Reactions from Facebook users

Deborah Moses Pam said:

“I need one ooooo Weldon Felicia.”

Hanmba Joyce said:

“My sweetheart I’m coming you will give me one so that I train too.”

Aungwa Levis commented:

“Congrats Felicia, please I need one to buy oh.”

Sarah Ahemen Zaatyough said:

“How much for the male.”

Pete Ayaka said:

“Do you have a young female?”

Goon Dooshima Jeremiah commented:

“Dash me one.”

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