June 11, 2024


In a rather bizarre turn of events, a Zimbabwean socialite, Ellen Tsaura, has reportedly broken up with her fifth boyfriend over an incident involving Nigerian Afrobeats superstar, Damini “Burna Boy”.


It may be recalled that in June 2022, Ellen had thrown her black brassiere at Burna Boy during his performance at Belgravia Sports Club in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Burna Boy caught the undergarment and continued singing while holding onto it.

Since then, Ellen has become infatuated with Burna Boy and has publicly expressed her love for him on social media.

In a recent tweet, she appealed to Burna Boy to take her as his wife, stating that her latest boyfriend had broken up with her over the incident.

She wrote;

“I broke up with my 5th boyfriend because of this @burnaboy must just come and marry me kwacho.”

The tweet has since garnered a lot of attention, with many social media users expressing their opinions on the matter.

While some found the incident amusing, others thought it was ridiculous.

One Twitter user wrote;

“This is hilarious. Who breaks up with someone over a bra? Ellen needs to find better priorities.”

Another user commented;

“This is why people need to stop idolizing celebrities. They’re just human beings like us. Ellen needs to move on and find someone who actually loves her for who she is.”


Despite the mixed reactions, it is clear that Ellen is determined to get Burna Boy’s attention.

Whether or not the singer will respond to her plea remains to be seen.

See her post below;


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