May 27, 2024

A young Nigerian man who dressed like an ice cream seller found it hard to get the attention of ladies on a campus


Almost all the people he approached while wearing a short and rough shirt ignored him and never wanted to hear what he had to say


The man was impressed by a lady who gave him an audience, so he rewarded her with N100k cash in the presence of other ladies


A young Nigerian man who makes prank videos has released two clips showing him disguising as an ice cream seller.


He went about on the campus of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), seeking for ladies’ attention. None of them would give him an audience.


The first person he told he liked hissed and walked away. Before the , the man said he would reward whoever listened to him with N100k.


Towards the tail end of the first video, he saw a group of three ladies who were interested in his ice cream but said they did not have money.


He called one of them for some seconds, and the lady obliged him with her friends standing some metres off. The pretty lady laughed when he told her he liked her. She shouted as the man gave her N100k.


Watch the first video below:

@teaserprank_ ICE CREAM MAN ASKING GIRLS OUT IN UNICAL ~ 100K REWARD FOR ANY GIRLS / PT 1 #teaserprank2 ♬ original sound – TEASER PRANK


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