July 14, 2024

Do you want to make a fortune doing something enjoyable? Make an attempt to earn money on Twitter! Those who founded Twitter became extremely wealthy, but others have profited from it.

You can also make money by building a Twitter profile…with hard work, of course!

So, how exactly does one make money on Twitter in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the key to getting money on Twitter is to have a large number of followers. To attract them, you’ll need to use numerous accounts at once, and you’ll need to be creative enough to post amusing, useful, and relevant tweets that your followers want to read. 

You must be a marketing expert who keeps up with current events and trends.

You will quickly lose followers and your ability to monetise tweets if you exclusively post sponsored tweets and adverts. Always make sure you’re writing something that others want to read.

What is Twitter, exactly?

Twitter was founded in 2006 as a social media network. Twitter is different from most other social media networks in that you only have 140 characters to work with, forcing you to be creative.

Twitter has nearly 3 million users, many of whom use it for more than just personal updates. Celebrities use Twitter to boost their celebrity, journalists use Twitter to cover breaking news, and businesses use Twitter to communicate with their customers.

This tutorial is a little different from the others, but it is well worth studying!

If you have something interesting to say or products to offer, Twitter could be a good way to augment your income.

In Nigeria, here are the top six ways to generate money on Twitter

Here are six tried-and-true success criteria, as well as three blunders you should avoid at all costs.

1. Become a Twitter ninja.

Nobody who has a semblance of authority over Twitter has come to earn money on Twitter. It’s a cliche as old as… well, Twitter. Spend at least 90% of your time improving your Twitter skills if you’re a newbie.

To learn the craft, try tweeting numerous times a day and using Twitter’s own courses and tips. 

YouTube and Google are other important sources of information.

What’s the big deal about hashtags? If you’re still not sure what a hashtag is or what the difference between a tweet and a retweet is, keep reading.

So, what’s all the fuss about hashtags? If you’re still stumped by questions like “what is the hashtag thing” and “what is the difference between a tweet and a retweet,” you have a long way to go before becoming a Twitter ninja. 

Skill, on the other hand, is earned via education and practise. Here are two videos that might be useful:

2. Promote products on Twitter.

Twitter is a must-have if you want to sell your stuff.

Do you have a shop on Etsy where you sell handcrafted jewellery?

Do you have a blog where you make money by selling homemade cards?

Or do you have a slew of Christmas presents you can’t wait to sell on eBay?

Whatever product you’re selling, Twitter is an excellent place to grab people’s attention and bring them to your online store.

If you use Twitter correctly, it may be an effective tool for selling your items

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You should conduct some research on similar products to determine which hashtags are commonly used so that you can incorporate them into your tweets. 

You can also use so-called “social sharing buttons” in your tweets to promote your products. Your readers will be able to share your link from their personal profiles, further spreading the word.

However, you can’t merely send out a daily tweet with a link to your page.

In order to gain a large number of followers, you should also spice up your Twitter account with fun and intriguing tweets. It’s also a good idea to advertise various discount codes that target new clients.

3. Look for affiliate companies that are a good fit for your target market.

One of the most popular ways to make money with Twitter is through affiliate commissions.

The following is how it works:

You send out a tweet that includes information about the product or service as well as an affiliate link.

You will receive a commision on the purchase price if one of your followers clicks on the link and converts (buys the service or product).

The conversion commision is usually between 5 and 20%.


Spend time looking for companies and products that will appeal to your target market.

Be as frugal as possible when it comes to affiliate links.

If you use Twitter excessively, it will consider you spam and suspend your account.

Here’s where you can learn more about how affiliate marketing works.

As I previously indicated, every time someone clicks on your link and buy the goods, you receive a small share of the proceeds. Even though it appears to be straightforward, it demands the following:

You have a huge audience.

Your followers are interested in what you have to say.

Your followers are truly interested in purchasing rather than merely checking out.

Affiliate links are unlikely to make you wealthy, but if you’re going to advertise a product anyhow, why not profit from it?

If affiliate marketing is one of the ways you wish to make money on Twitter, you should definitely read the post on how to make money from home with affiliate marketing.

Always keep in mind that Twitter is open to the public, so if you make a comment about something that concerns the firm, the company will be able to read it at any time.

If you represent a firm, always consider whether what you write could be misinterpreted by the company in a negative way.

4. Promote your credentials by tweeting about them.

When it comes to sales, a little self-promotion and promotion of your qualifications can frequently help.

Are you a web designer, for example?

Do you have a set of skills that make you stand out from the crowd? Are you looking for a job, or are you just looking?

Twitter marketing is a fantastic and cost-free way to locate work, sell your services, and earn money.

Many industry professionals use Twitter to stay in touch with one another.

This type of digital network allows you to meet new people and form various types of partnerships, as well as sell yourself and your qualifications to potential clients.

Furthermore, tweets regarding your most recent and current employment can attract attention from all across the world.

Because Twitter is a universal marketing medium, don’t be afraid to use it. A little self-promotion can rapidly result in more sales and possibly even a job.

However, keep in mind that your Twitter account should not become an one long monologue listing all of your notable accomplishments.

It is common for people to become tired of reading about it. Useful information, fun facts, questions, and quizzes should all be included on your page.

Make sure you pique people’s curiosity in your profile, and they’ll be interested in what you do on a daily basis.

5. Use sponsored tweets, corporate sponsorship, or join a network to make money.

Sponsored tweets imply that you will be paid a set sum for your tweet.

Many businesses are prepared to pay to reach their target demographic on Twitter these days. You can also reach out to businesses on your own.

Also, agree on a per-tweet compensation.

A business model like this presume you’re adept at ego marketing. One piece of advise is to plan ahead of time. Produce relevant statistics, such as those regarding your target audience, the number of people who engage with your material, and so on.

The more “statistical arguments” you have that demonstrate how relevant your Twitter account is to the company, the more likely they are to collaborate with you.

Joining an advertising network is another possibility.

An example of such a network is the IZEA, which may be found at sponsoredtweets.com. For example, you might Google “Sponsored Tweets Network” or “Sponsored Tweets Network.”

Keep the following in mind before joining a network:

Always follow the network’s and company’s guidelines to a tee.

If you don’t, there’s a danger you won’t be able to make the payment.

Make an effort to find businesses and promotions that will appeal to your target market.

Select a few high-paying tweets over a huge number of low-paying tweets.

You risk inundating your account with garbage and adverts if you use the latter business model.

6. Sell your products for a low price.

The website If people pay with a tweet, they can buy a product in exchange for tweeting about it.

Even though you don’t get paid directly from this deal, it implies your product will get a lot of attention, which should lead to increased sales.

It’s crucial to be heard, especially when it comes to new products, so that potential customers are aware of them. There are also a number of companies who seek to publicise their products.

If you think your followers would be interested in a certain product, you can contact the company and try to work out a deal where you are paid a small amount for each tweet you make.

Make sure the arrangement is written down and that the tweets you posted on behalf of the company are documented.

Ensure, however, that your account does not primarily feature company-related tweets, as this will quickly lose followers.

You must incorporate the ad into your Twitter account while remaining unobtrusive. When you lose followers, you lose your appealing effect on corporations, and you risk losing your contract

When it comes to making money on Twitter, there are three things you should avoid doing.

1. Advertise on your account as much as possible.

If you flood your Twitter account with advertisements, it will lose its appeal. Do not attempt it.

Because you should keep creating exciting, fascinating, and engaging material even if you gain money from them. Your followers’ desire to participate is a must for you to be able to make money.

And they are unlikely to find scrolling through a long stream of advertisements entertaining. Furthermore, too much advertising can result in your account being suspended. Overuse of advertising is considered spam by Twitter.

As a rule of thumb, never publish more than one post per ten for advertising objectives.

2. Disobey Twitter’s terms of service.

If you want to keep your Twitter account, it’s usually a bad idea to agitate against ethnic communities, threaten and hate them, and generally act like a jerk.

Thousands of Twitter accounts are suspended every day for breaking the company’s rules of service.

3. Obtaining fans (the wrong way)

You’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of websites that sell Twitter followers for a fee. Doesn’t it appeal to you? You can get 1000 followers all at once for a few dollars?

The vast majority of these followers are a waste of time, as you should be aware. Accounts that haven’t been used in a long time or that haven’t been active in a long time. Such supporters will not assist you in achieving your goals.

On the contrary, it may cause Twitter to flag your account as “Spam,” which could result in your account being suspended. Use Twitter’s own advertising network instead if you’re willing to pay for additional followers.

Then you may start creating your own sponsored Tweets to promote your Twitter account and earn more followers.

Things that work in order to generate money on Twitter

You should look into what works on Twitter if you want people to follow, share, and prefer your tweets.

Consider the following scenario:

At least once a month, or more frequently if possible, conduct a giveaway. Encourage your supporters to vote for you and promote the contest. As a result, your message will reach a wider audience, and more people will become aware of your Twitter account.

Make hashtags work for you! Keep track of what’s trending and try to incorporate it into your tweets.

Motivational quotes and quotes on themes that people may relate to are quite popular.

Quotes are a fantastic technique to persuade others to like and share your tweets.

Jokes, hilarious photos, and cute animals are always clear winners.

If you don’t mind working a little harder, try to secure some discount codes for your followers. Everyone appreciates that little extra!


You won’t get rich on Twitter overnight, but if you put in the work to build a steady following, your Twitter account could one day turn into a moneymaker that propels you farther down the path to riches.



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