April 21, 2024

A smart woman in technology who makes a tonne of money in her field has revealed her first software engineering pay.


The woman (@_jenniferopal) claimed to be receiving £30,000 (N53,451,660) annually and frequently questioned why anyone outside of the UK believed this to be excessive.

She said:

When I talk about my salary, a lot of people are quite surprised. So I find that it’s people outside the UK are actually quite surprised.”

Watch the video below;




The software engineer also mentioned that her pay increased to £3,150 (N5,549,581.8) upon moving to a different company.

She claims that when she began working for US-based companies, her compensation increased significantly since she was able to purchase six-figure stocks.

Numerous individuals discussed their experiences with tech salaries in her comment area.

a few responses listed below:

Joshuauk6 asked: “Are you a front end or back end software developer?”

Praise Ara asked: “Do you mind me asking how you find US based job roles?”

ceora coding n stuff asked: “Why is there so much of a difference between UK and USA salaries?”

jide1205 said: “US-based companies pay way better. I worked with a US-based investment company. The pay was mad. They pay well if u are skilled.”

Erin said: “My first job was £18k. I would have died for £30k.”

Furgie said: “My first tech job was 20k – I just wanted to get my foot into the industry.” She replied: “Yep. Glad you took it! That first step always opens doors for bigger steps.”

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