July 14, 2024


Fans on TikTok have fallen in love with a beautiful lady who went for rigorous military training.


In a video posted on TikTok by @bigria08, the lady stood out among the crowd of trainees because of her beauty.

When she posted the video of the training on TikTok, it immediately went viral and caught attention.

Fine lady who went for military training goes viral

The video shows how they were trained in a harsh environment where they underwent tasks meant to strengthen and toughen them.


The lady was seen sitting in the midst of other trainees, and they were all dirty as if they were dipped in mud.


In another scene, the lady showed her beautiful face, which had gotten dirty after dipping it in what appeared to be mud.


Also, she was seen crawling on all fours, as the commanders shouted their orders. The video has amazed many Tiktok users.

Watch the video below:


Reactions from TikTok users

@kadichka09 said:

“I’m going to stay at my mother’s ohh.”


“Which country is it? Keep your hair in formation.”

@danylisiane679 reacted:

“Here in Gabon we cut girls’ hair like boys.”

@PappYGeeCrowN said:

“Can we be friends?”

@Mrs. Soumano said:

“Sister may God protect you. Long life to you.”

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