May 27, 2024

Renowned Nigerian comedian, Sabinus, known for his wit and humor, has returned from a trip to London and has taken to his social media platforms—Instagram and Facebook—to provide a fascinating update on his experiences abroad.


His recent posts have drawn considerable attention, particularly for spotlighting the differences between amenities, specifically focusing on taps in London compared to those in Nigeria.



Sabinus, through engaging posts and videos, shared thought-provoking insights into his London journey, shedding light on various aspects of life in the city compared to his home country.

His attention-grabbing posts have captured the curiosity of his fans and followers, sparking discussions and comparisons about the contrasting features between the two regions.

The comedian’s observations, particularly concerning the taps in London, have intrigued many, as he eloquently articulated the disparities in functionality, design, and overall experience compared to those commonly found in Nigeria.

Through his trademark comedic style and insightful commentary, Sabinus has ignited discussions and garnered considerable engagement on social media platforms.

Fans and followers have eagerly engaged with his posts, expressing interest in learning more about his experiences abroad and eagerly awaiting further updates and anecdotes from his travels.


Sabinus’s ability to draw attention to everyday differences through his comedic lens has resonated widely, initiating conversations and fostering a sense of curiosity among his audience regarding life abroad versus life in Nigeria.

Watch the video below;



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