July 14, 2024

A young Nigerian woman has found herself in trouble after killing her friend with a knife by accident.

A video, making the rounds online, captures the fatal fight between the two ladies, which later turned bloody.

In the video, the young lady, who appeared very angry, was seen with a knife as she ended up slashing her friend with it.

However, the lady slashed started bleeding from her hand. Despite the efforts to stop her wound from bleeding, it went into no avail.

Other girls residing in the same house were seen screaming at the sight of the blood, yet no one took action to control the bleeding. Tragically, the girl bled to death.


A follow-up clip showed the young lady lying lifelessly on the floor.

Watch the video below:

The video triggered massive reactions as commenters trooped to share their thoughts.

Some reactions are shown below:

@Cyberhalogen said, “They all need to go to jail.. and for a long time”.

@tz_paco said, “Be mindful of who you call your friends.”

@KehindeTijani02 said, “As if nah inside movie I dey watch am. She later kill the last after cutting her hand. May her soul rest in peace 😪😭💔”.

@Emmanuel__yes said, “They didn’t rush her to the hospital”.

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