April 17, 2024


  • A Nigerian lady who relocated to the United Kingdom has given netizens an insight into how she survives abroad
  • The psychologist and fashion enthusiast cooks large quantity of foods and breaks them into smaller portions
  • She showcased how she arranges it into a freezer, generating mixed reactions among netizens over her strategy


A Nigerian lady identified as Opeyemi Adetunji has opened up on how she survives in the UK as a wife.

Opeyemi, via TikTok, demonstrated how she cooks different foods in large quantity, portions them into smaller units and stores in a freezer.


The foods she cooked include fried meats, jollof rice and spaghetti. She packaged the meals into small customised nylons.

Whenever she wants to eat, the lady said she defrosts and warms them and is good to go.

Her showcase stirred mixed reactions as some netizens thought storing such meals in a freezer makes it lose its original taste. A sentiment she disagreed with.

Watch the video below:



Social media reactions

@Precious said:

“If u allow it defrost by itself completely and add little vegetable oil to a pan then warm on little heat… trust me it will be too sweet.”

@Droseate said:

“I just did this today. it tastes as good as new if you cooked your rice well. and yes i am in Nigeria. ziplock bags helps with the preservation better.”

@mummy gals said:

“I don’t eat frozen food never we since it’s me and my husband how ever gets time cook cos the shifts are different.”

@annnkemdilimvicto said:

“My trick to frozen rice … is to completely let it be cold before putting in the freezer. close tightly so that water don’t get into it.”

@Zaharah Hills said:

“I do that daily here in dubai those who are saying fridge food doesn’t test well after Fridge you buy cheap rice and u dnt know how to cook.”

@Lola-Divine said:

“Once you are in abroad then you will learn how to freeze your foods because you won’t have time for cooking. Well done sister.”

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