February 23, 2024

Nigerian Reality TV star, Natacha Akide, better known as Tacha, has stated that in order to obtain the ring they desire, ladies should date three men instead of only one.

The media personality posted a list titled “5 Things to Stop Doing in 2024 on social media.

However, Tacha stated in the video that was uploaded to her Instagram page that women should stop dating a single man and that it is better for them to date three, as one of the three will ask them out.

She advised that it was important for people to stop worrying about what others thought of them and ask their man for money because being a good girl was not the best option.

She also stated that people should stop letting themselves down and not take shit from anyone in the new year.

Tacha said,

“Stop dating one guy. If you want that ring, sis, date at least three guys. If Martins doesn’t pop the question, Eze would, and if Eze does not ask the question, Femi would.

Stop letting yourself down. Thirdly, who gives a damn if people like you or not? Ask that man for money. Lastly, no gree for anybody.”

Watch her video below,

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