May 28, 2024

An American couple has caused a buzz on the internet after revealing that their marriage has grown stronger since the wife started breastfeeding her husband.

Rachel Bailey, 30, began breastfeeding her husband Alexander, 30, in 2016, when she started over-lactating while nursing their kids.

They admitted that it felt strange at first, but now claims that it is absolutely fine and that it’s not a ‘kink’.

Woman reveals

The mother of three wrote,

“When my eldest child, Troy, now seven, was breastfeeding, I went away on a cruise with Alexander.

“However, I forgot my breast pump and was badly engorged for two days. I was in so much pain and I was scared about getting an infection, so we decided that my husband was going to try drinking the milk to relieve me.

“We were nervous about the idea of him breastfeeding from me as we thought it seemed weird, but as soon as we did it, we realised it was perfectly fine.

Woman reveals

“Alexander said that the milk was really different to how he expected it to taste, compared to the normal milk he was used to drinking.”

“We realised there was nothing wrong with me breastfeeding him, and it would actually be good for him as it is so nutritious.

“He didn’t get a cold for two years after he started drinking my milk and so many people said his skin was so much better too.

“He ended up loving the taste of my breast milk and even prefers it to cow’s milk now.

“It’s not a kink for us. It started as Alexander just helping me out when I was in pain, but it turned into more of an emotional bonding thing.

“I love breastfeeding him as it allows us to spend quality time together. It’s definitely brought us closer as a couple.”


Following the birth of their two younger kids – six-year-old Aria and two-year-old Matthew, the Florida-born woman said she found out that she was overlactating again and her husband decided to step in and help.

She, however, noted that she makes sure the children are filled first before breastfeeding her husband. She added that he only gets fed at night now, as opposed to thrice daily, because she is producing less milk.

“It’s funny because if I eat something spicy, it also gives Alexander gas too,” she said.

“Shortly after giving birth, when I was producing the most milk, Alexander was drinking my milk three to four times a day.

“Obviously the babies are always fed first before it’s his turn. He would spend about five to ten minutes on each boob.

“It’s a bit of a taboo subject, but we wanted to share it because we don’t think it’s bad and we aren’t ashamed. It was an instant relief when Alexander latched on, and it stopped me from being in pain.

“On top of that, it has also created a more special bond between us which we never would have had if we didn’t start this.

“Nothing bad has come from it at all, so why should it be something that is hidden?”


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