April 17, 2024

  • Fitness enthusiasts will definitely love this viral video of an older woman using gym equipment to build her muscles
  • In the trending clip, she used the pulling machine and a bench to work on her muscles with no instructor around
  • Social media users have reacted massively to the video with many appreciating her courage to work out despite her age


Many people around the world have been hitting the gym to exercise, stay fit or lose weight.

Gyms come with a membership subscription and can be quite expensive. Luckily, most gym equipment can be purchased in the market.


Some equipment are only for the foot, others for the back and shoulders and the rest for the belly, abdomen and thighs. These exercises can be for all ages and body types.

A trending video of an old black woman showing off her gyming equipment and exercise routine has captured attention online.

She was using pulling equipment that pulls and releases weight when dragged with so much strength.

This equipment comes with a bench and backrest. It also has to be used properly to avoid bodily injuries.

Apparently, the woman was not new in the game since there was no instructor in sight, yet she did the workout routine herself.

Netizens who spotted the video shared via @estherfitnes via TikTok commended the fact that she was committed to the exercise. Others however mentioned that she wasn’t doing it correctly.


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Social media reactions

@despite kobby wrote:

“The way she’s gyiming is not the right way it might affect her.”

@Kita92@Charity said:

“This is me in the gym when no instructor is around.”

@ayxino commented:

“Mom i think you are not doing it correctly.”

@ousmanajobe commented:

“Fastest way to damage your shoulders.”

@Sarumi wrote:

“She should go easy on the negative (when the cable is returning). the weights should be controlled not left to pull her shoulders off.”

@Victesky inquired:

“This mama, what do you really want?”

@Lalina commented:

“Release slowly, you’re doing great though. I wish I could convince my mother.”

@Hlogi2018 commented:

“When u given dat last chance to go back and fix your life.”

@Tapiwa commented:

“Oh my world.”

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